11 steps to becoming a member of our Club

The process for becoming a member of our Club is really quite simple. There are 11 overall steps to the process—and they are not as complicated as this list might make them sound:
  1. An existing Club member, who would serve as your Sponsor, completes and application for membership with the perspective new member. That application is then given to the Club  President, Vice President or Membership Chair.
  2. The Club Board preliminarily approves or rejects processing the proposed person for interview through special, electronic or regular board meeting.
  3. Once an applicant receives board approval, a member of the Club arranges an interview with the prospective member—over coffee, lunch or whatever works best for the perspective member.
  4. The interviewer provides the prospective member with and overview of the financial and attendance responsibilities that are involved in Club membership. They also give an overview of service opportunities for getting involved and giving back to the community as a Tacoma Sunrise Rotarian.
  5. The interviewer then forwards the application to the President, Vice President, Membership Chair and the Secretary, with any comments he has about the prospective member.  The prospective member is assigned a Classification—based on their job or career field.
  6. The Membership Chair or President then seeks final board approval of the membership application through special meeting, electronic meeting or regular board meeting.
  7. Upon board approval:
    • The Club President formally publishes a notification of prospective member by sending an e-mail announcement through Clubrunner (an email is sent to all Club members) that announces the new member proposal, classification and sponsor> it also includes the application and directs members to send any comments regarding the proposed new member to the President in writing within one week.
  8. If no objections are voiced one week after publication, the Club President notifies the sponsor and asks sponsor to make a congratulatory announcement to the new member. 
  9. The Club’s Membership Chair then makes arrangements for induction of the new member and:
    • Notifies the Club Treasurer to prepare an invoice for initiation fee, photo cost, meal costs and prorated dues, which is delivered to the new member.
    • Notifies the Club President-elect to add the new member to a “team.”
    • Arranges the induction date at one of the Club’s regular Wednesday morning meeting that is convenient to the new member, their sponsor, the Club President, team captain and member’s spouse/family.
    • Prepares a Sunrise Rotary Induction Packet prior to the new member’s induction date. That packet includes the New Member Certificate, Rotary pins, Red Badge, ABC’s of Rotary, instructions for converting Red Badge to Blue, and other items deemed appropriate by the Membership Committee.
  10. The Club Secretary adds the new member to Clubrunner and Rotary International (RI) rosters and sends a welcome email to the new member. This email includes the login and password to the Club’s website, RI membership number and information about attendance requirement.
  11. The Membership Chair assigns a member of our Club to serve as a mentor who will monitor the new member’s progress toward completing requirements for a Blue Badge. Once the new member has met the requirements to move from a Red Badge to Blue Badge, the Membership Chair makes arrangements to present the new member with Blue Badge at a Club meeting.