Here are the five key criteria for a Tacoma Sunrise Rotary member to receive a Paul Harris Fellowship Award:
  1. The member has been consistent in paying dues as assessed by the Club Treasurer.
  2. The member has contributed a minimum of $200 to Rotary International.
  3. The Rotarian has earned a blue badge.
  4. The member has maintained a 60% attendance at weekly meetings in the past 12 months.
  5. The Rotarian has been a member of Tacoma Sunrise Rotary for 12 months.
THE FINE PRINT: Tacoma Sunrise Rotary funds will not be used to pay for these awards. Paul Harris transfer points available to the Club will be used as the first resource.  If unavailable, Tacoma Sunrise Rotary members will be asked to contribute their Paul Harris transfer points to help achieve a Paul Harris Fellowship.